My work is an exploration of the means of creation as it unites, affirms, and elevates us.  In my approach, these pieces address the ingenuity crucial to humankind’s existence but also the beginnings of the universe.  The motivation of these pieces takes root from an interest in sects of mysticism, metaphysical writers, and an engagement with my religious upbringing.  Often these influences manifest themselves literally and are very deliberate decisions, while at other times they are more subconscious.

All of these works begin primarily with found imagery to demonstrate essential themes of de/construction and subtraction/addition. I carefully and intentionally select identifiable images that originate from a wide-range of cultures, my own experiences, historical perspectives, religions, cosmologies, etc. I cut and assemble these images by the process of collage and décollage, which I then further augment through digital techniques.  In essence, I am removing the signifiers and intentions of the original image while pairing them with others to illustrate my own inspection.  I’m making connections across a comprehensive scape and creating a unifying perspective of my spirituality.  Once I’ve cleared away these signifiers, I can leave them as collage, revise them in the process of both digital and traditional printmaking techniques, or simply leave the marks of dismantling as a work on its own.